UFOs! Flying Saucers! Interdimensional Craft!

Look up in the sky! Is that a bird? No, it’s a plane. It’s a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)? For many years, people have seen strange and unfamiliar things in the sky. These contraptions don’t have wings or tails and appear to be faster than any known jet powered aircraft.

The numerous sightings began in the early 20th Century, but really took off in 1947 with Ken Arnold’s sightings near Mount Ranier.  Numerous investigations and the interest of millions of people has since brought another science forth.  Ufology–the study of unidentified flying objects. A lot of work has gone into sightings cases and investigations which has resulted in researchers classifying something seen in the air into certain categories.

UFOs are often associated with the term flying saucer, but UFO is actually quite factual in its meaning. Unidentified.  Flying. Object.  With the mere mention of the acronym UFO in public one is often subjected to scoff or at the very least mild kidding from peers and co-workers.  The “leap” is to extraterrestrial, but my conjecture is if you can identify it as a “flying saucer” then it is no longer “UFO.” UFO by definition must remain an unknown object.

UFO does not automatically imply extraterrestrial or interdimensional so should not be the subject of ridicule as it has been in days past.  Popular media is just now giving the phenomena more exposure, often with less ridicule than past reports.  Are we being “prepared” for disclosure? I for one am ready for the governements of the world to put all the cards on the table.

John Kilgallon
Flying Saucer News!

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